Philosopher | Security Strategist

Knowledge Seeker | Zombie Killer


Co-Founder of Rugged ruggedsoftware.org – for a cultural shift toward more “Defensible Infrastructure”

Co-Founder of “I am the Cavalry” iamthecavalry.org – for technologies with potential to affect public safety & human life


Adjunct Faculty for Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College

(ISC)2 Application Security Advisory Council (ASAC)

Expert Faculty for IANS (The Institute for Applied Network Security)

Ponemon Institute Fellow (joined mid-2011 to after invitation to improve from within)

Ex-Analyst (former Research Director for Enterprise Security at The 451 Group)


Statements are mine & may not reflect those of my employer or other affiliations.

Follow me on twitter at:   @joshcorman

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