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Echo: Did I fall asleep?

Topher: For a little while.

I haven’t written here for almost a year.

The short version is my mother died last January.

I may eventually write more about it, but here is a quick bit.

Few things can rock your world like losing a parent – especially so young.

Two things happened instantly:

  1. My priorities of what truly mattered to me were crystalized
  2. I became hyper-conscious of time

One way (of many) to describe how I look back at 2013…

…I feel like maybe a boxer might when they get hit really hard. I know I kept fighting. My vision was blurred. My hearing was muffled and my ears ringing. I don’t full remember all the details, but over time they slowly came back to me.

It turns out, I was actually doing a lot of great things. I hope to catch up on some of it here in the near future.

I was more raw and candid, but also more vulnerable – and in that vulnerability, I was able to make deeper and more authentic connections with people.

In fact, I came out a lot stronger and clarified – and accomplished quite a bit (both individually and with others).

My “year of 1sts” is now behind me. While I’ll never be fully “over it”, I believe I’ve crossed a major time/space/emotional boundary.

I’m back, so to speak. I hope to start blogging here more frequently.