Posted: 2011/10/24 in Concept, Expectations

So much in life is about managing expectations…

Given the title which inspired this blog, many of the topics and issues raised here will not be cut and dry – nor black and white. Some concepts are susceptible to intellectually honest discussion and disagreement – some will require it. Some may even appear polarizing. I’ve been accused by friends and colleagues of being an “Intellectually Honest Troublemaker” though trouble isn’t my objective. I’ve also been called a “Provocateur of the best kind”.

More complex issues (by their nature) aren’t going to fit into neat boxes.The mostly deeply and fervently held false beliefs, dogma, and/or conventional wisdom are likely to encounter the most active resistance when one tries to pry them from clutching minds.

More than anything, I want to make people think. Therefore, this might get messy…

I am OK with this.

  • I expect imperfection, in fact at times I am aiming for it. It would be a mistake if I were to over-rotate and accidentally discourage value-adding exchanges to improve an idea.
  • I expect some topics will raise more questions than they answer (at least initially).
  • I expect some topics will upset people – especially if they are very attached to a belief and/or don’t like the implications of the thread.
  • I expect (upon the revelation of new data/perspective) to evolve and adapt a position or opinion over time. I hope that my readers/commenters do the same.
  • I expect to get called out when I’ve made mistakes. I hope it is done in a cordial and helpful manner.

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