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Posted: 2012/01/23 in Uncategorized
2012 Social Security Bloggers Awards

2012 Social Security Bloggers Awards to take place at RSA

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

A few weeks ago, the nominations for the 2012 Social Security Bloggers Awards came out.

Given how spanky new this blog was, I was shocked to see it receive a nomination for “Most Educational Security Blog“. This is a tough category and a humbling one. I almost took it as a suggestion/challenge to rise than any other meaning. I do really try to add signal and researched backed concepts (versus simply adding noise) – so I feel great that at least a few noticed that. I also want point out that Brian Martin (aka Jericho @attritionorg) has co-authored the “Building a Better Anonymous series” – and therefore is also part implicated/reponsible.

Regardless, I am honored to have “Cognitive Dissidents” included among some excellent resources (pasted below):

The Most Educational Security Blog:

Cognitive Dissidents

Tao Security

F-Secure blog

The New School Security Blog

AppSecInc Blog

Evil Bytes/John Sawyer

All of those are excellent resources. I’d probably vote for The New School Security Blog. Each offer something different, so I’d highly encourage you to try them each.

There are many great nominees for various categories of BLOGs and Podcasts. If you haven’t taken a look, I’d encourage you to do so. There are also some glaring omissions from some of the nominees, so feel free to suggest write-ins or ask more about the nomination process.

E.g. Best Security Podcast  was missing Risky Business and the podcasts – the former being the best source of weekly security news and the latter being one of the most structured and educational in its monthly format.

Like the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards, these are voted upon by other bloggers. You need a security blog to vote. If you have one, and have not voted yet, please do so before it closes. Here’s a convenient link to the voting form.

Like many of you, I feel a bit conflicted about these kinds of things. Sure there is a bit of echo chamber and digerati and cult-of-personality stuff with any of these awards. That said, there are some truly excellent researchers and bloggers who devote a ton of their personal time to helping advance this space. This is a small, easy way to acknowledge their contributions.

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