g0n3 ph1sh1ng (aka remember when…)

Posted: 2012/07/06 in Life
g0n3 ph1sh1ng

g0n3 ph1sh1ng

Gone Phishing…

It’s summer time here in the northern hemisphere. A friend is about to go on a camping and fishing trip and it got me a bit nostalgic about my youth. Below is a “starter list” of tweet-able phrases that came to mind.

Please add your own.


Remember when fishing was done with a rod & reel – finding quiet time in nature?


Remember when tweet was what the birds did in the trees along the water?


Remember when logs were for burning in the campfire?
Remember when flame was what you stared into for hours, like your ancestors did, contemplating the universe while you absorb its warmth and light?
Remember when flicker was what the flames did?


Remember when SPAM was a salty (but tasty), meaty, campfire treat?


Remember when Four Square was a game you played with chalk and other children on the pavement?


Remember when friends… were? when they were people you spent time with, who knew you better than you knew yourself?


Remember when clouds were what you’d assign animal shapes to – while you laid on a grassy hill – emptying your mind on an idle afternoon?


Remember when apt meant “quick at learning”? like apt at learning to whittle wood – or build a fire – or tie a lure?


Remember when anonymous simply meant “unnamed author” of the quote of wisdom or poem carved into the picnic table top?
Please take the time to get outside with loved ones once in a while.
Life is pretty short.
Be nostalgic.
Sometimes simpler is better.
[add your own in the comments and/or on twitter w/ HashTag #g0n3ph1sh1ng ]
  1. hrbrmstr says:

    Remember when mobile security was locking your camper?

  2. Bob Rudis says:

    Remember when blackberries were what you picked fresh off of bushes?

  3. Bill Pelletier (@awpiii) says:

    Remember when “Risk” was a board game of strategy for kids, not a strategic Board Room game?

  4. Remember when printing meant putting pen to paper, and you had to think about the spelling.

  5. Bill Pelletier (@awpiii) says:

    Remember when Clouds were something you looked up at in the sky and tried to think of what animal you saw in their shapes?

  6. Remember when virus meant you were sick, hacking was reserved for axe murders and passwords were verbal and were only something you saw in spy movies?

  7. Remember when security meant just closing your front door and not locking it

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